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Not a good idea

I think that most of my blogging friends are smart enough to not fall for this, but I figured I’d share anyway. Yeah… don’t do this.

Clamp your phone safely into a vice grip, get a 3.5mm drill, and then bore a hole into your hard drive so you can’t jump onto YouTube and tell other people “It WORKS!”

via Don’t drill a headphone jack hole into your iPhone 7! It’s a hoax — Naked Security


8 thoughts on “Not a good idea

    • One thing I never lose faith in is our ability as a race to survive just about anything. Yes, there are some monumentally stupid people out there, but there are also some incredibly intelligent people out there too. The majority of us fall in the middle. Just as the majority of us fall in the middle of Extreme Evil and Extreme Good. We as a race are pretty okay. ^_^

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