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So I haven’t abandoned y’all. But the last few daily prompts have left me either wanting to talk about pretty volatile subjects (which I don’t want to do) or just… I got nuthin’. Plus I’m knitting a scarf for the hubster which is taking up a lot of my time because I want to get that done before the weather gets colder than it already is (I have a weather widget over there –> if you want to see the temps here).  Autumn has come to our little neck of the woods and the air is getting a bit nippy.

So anyway, not a whole lot has been going on around here. I mean, last week I had one day of jury duty, well half a day really. I was dismissed because they only had two trials. It’s a slow county in this part of the woods. I mean the jury pool wasn’t even called in until Tuesday and then there were only two trials for the week. Anyway, I was vetted for the first trial but didn’t make the cut (color me not sad).  The entire process took about four hours including the paperwork and the voir dire  — plus an hour’s drive each way.  Blah. I’m glad I didn’t have to actually sit on a jury. That would have really done me in. >_<  Stupid body.


Driveway under water last year

Oh! and we got our driveway fixed! Yay! New gravel and sand. No more bumpy driveway with big holes. It’s about three inches above everything else now too, so hopefully if the rains come again this year the driveway won’t flood (at least not as much). I know my husband is happy because the old driveway was killing his Mustang. I’m still having troubles with my stupid phone and pictures so I don’t have a picture for y’all but trust me, it’s nice. 🙂 Who would have thought I’d get excited over a driveway? hahahaha! Then again, I got excited over a smooth yard, so there’s that. Our property looks way different than it did when we moved in here, that’s fersure. Very different. And we haven’t even scratched the surface of what I want to do to the place.

And that’s about it. I’ve been spending most of my days watching videos and knitting this scarf. It’s a thin yarn that I got from unraveling a sweater, so it’s taking a long time. I’da been done with it by now if it were a thicker yarn, but hey, at least it gives me something to do.  The hubs likes it, and that’s what counts. 🙂


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  1. Glad your jury duty experience wasn’t too tine consuming. I was called up two years ago and dismissed too – I figure I now have a judgemental/entitled air about me. I was equal parts insulted and relieved.

    Yay to driveways and knitting! My mother knits – I never figured it out. I will have to ponder what skill set I’d bring to post-apocalyptic living. Like Marilyn, I suspect I wouldn’t survive.


  2. And good for you not to weigh in on those volatile subjects. I’ve found myself opening my big mouth and trying in vain to insert my bigger foot quite a few times, and I’m just >> well YOU know. At least you knit! I’ve done a few ‘art’ pieces and am dissatisfied with them because somehow the ugliness outside has crept into them. Or my perception is clouded. Anyway! It’s very good to know that someone has the sense to keep on keepin’ on and just doing useful ordinary day things!! I bet your hubby will love the scarf!! ❤

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  3. Actually, you make a really important point. People who can really DO things. Sew, knit, build, etc. are far more likely to survive a post-apocalyptic world. I won’t survive. Garry won’t either. We are totally useless in a survival situation. When I was younger? Maybe. Now, not a chance. Keep knitting!!


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