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Something witty here

I dunno why I’m having so much trouble with titles lately. Probably because my brain isn’t working as well as it used to.  Soon.  Soon.  I’m on half the dose of Cymbalta that I was so the side effects should wear off soon. Hopefully.  I’m halfway done with the shawl that I’m knitting so that’s one other thing off of my to-do list. It’ll be warm too since it’s a mix of wool and cotton.  I’ll have pictures when I’m finished. but until then I’ll probably be spending a good deal of my time trying to get it done because the temperature is falling fast here and we don’t have much in the way of heating. It gets a little chilly and a nice wool shawl will help a lot. 🙂


Because it’s funny

I have a semi-plan to go through my stash of yarn and just knit/crochet stuff with it. I mean, it’s not doing any good just sitting there, is it? I don’t have any concrete ideas yet, but I mean, I was looking at it the other day and thought, “Why do I have all of this yarn here anyway?”  I’ve never been one to keep things, so it just struck me as… weird… to have all of that stuff there. So, new plan. Knit, crochet, whatever! The goal is to get it out of the closet and make it something useful. The cloth too. My sewing machines have been sitting idle for too long now. Again, no real plan, but hey. I’ll figure something out. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but by the time we build our new house, all of that stuff will be gone, and I don’t plan on having a new stash like that ever again. I don’t know how I got this stash in the first place, or why I carried it all the way up here to begin with. It’s totally not how I roll.

Anyway, I just thought I’d come on and let y’all know I’m still around. I haven’t forgotten y’all. I’m feeling a little better than I was last time. Tired, and sniffle-y, but better.  I know I keep promising to come back full of vim and vigor and deep thoughts, and instead I pop up with every day, mundane whatnot… but I will be back to my old self… I will… Someday. Today is not that day.



2 thoughts on “Something witty here

  1. Well glad you’re getting on and writing! More than I can say, I posted something last Sunday with full intention to do writing this week and now it’s Sunday and I’ve not written diddly squat. I’m blaming it on the pending S.A.D. that crops up for me each Fall and Winter. I’ve never had this level of ennui before though. So it’s heartening to see others are still trying even though they may be feeling the same way. Take care and I’m impressed with your knitting. Gorgeous.!


    • Seems as though my SAD is opposite of other’s I get all low energy and tired in the Summer rather than the Winter. The sun wipes me out, man. Right now, I’m blaming my low energy on this cold and my new medicine. I have a *little* more energy now that we’ve lowered the dosage, but the cold is making me tired.


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