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Let’s Dance

Today’s prompt brought one thing to mind and that was this song:

Urgent, by Foreigner

Now I wasn’t a Foreigner fan — I’ve never really been a “fan” of any band really. I just know what I like. Hell, I didn’t even know who sang this song until I looked it up today… It’s just what came to mind when I saw the prompt. I loved that song as a teenager — and a few other Foreigner songs (my memory was prompted by Youtube). This one had a great beat, and you can dance to it. I used to know all of the words way back when and man, did my friends and I rock that song at our slumber parties. Ah, memories.

I can’t do a proper headbang anymore — not that I ever did, really, that was my brother’s gig. I was way more in to New Wave than Heavy Metal, but whatever… I’m nodding away as this plays in the background. Ha! ^_^


7 thoughts on “Let’s Dance

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only person who is pop music challenged. I know maybe a dozen individuals and groups, most of them from “the old days” when I paid attention to that stuff. But I never paid a LOT of attention to it. I had friends who were really INTO music, so I counted on them to tell me what was worth listening to. They were usually right.


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