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I’m gonna talk about Skyrim again

So, Skyrim Special Edition came out yesterday and it’s a big thing for a lot of people. Because I have the original Skyrim on my computer with all of the downloadable content (DLC), I got it for free through Steam. Why? Because PC gamers are not the intended audience for this remaster. The intention of this remaster is to give Skyrim, which is still a strong game in the gaming community to people who have Playstation 4 and XBox One consoles the ability to play the game — because these consoles aren’t backwards compatible, which kinda sucks you know?  But there’s probably a reason for it that isn’t completely about making money.  Anyway, this remaster will also give console players the ability to modify their games — to a certain extent. For people on the PC, however, we’ve had the ability to modify our games for a long time and we can make our games look and act pretty much any way we want to — within the confines of the game engine. We can make our game look better than anything Bethesda did to this game.

So why did PC gamers get it at all? Because they’ve updated the game from a 32 bit engine to a 64 bit engine and that’s a game changer right there.

But what does this have to do with the daily prompt? Well, I was wandering around the new, unmodded Skyrim Special Edition — because I’m curious like that — and I noticed a lot of things that I totally took for granted with my modifications. One thing was a mod that I downloaded a long time ago and just kept using for a long time.  You see, in Skyrim, every bridge in the game pretty much looks like this:



I mean, seriously, it’s just… kinda blah. Even the main crossroads the player comes to in one of the major cities in the area is just this:



I’d actually forgotten how dull the Vanilla bridges were when I started wandering around Skyrim again without the modifications because I’ve had this mod for so long. I’m used to the first bridge looking like this:


Ignore the invisible water… I don’t know why it did that

And the crossroads looks way better like this: (In my humble opinion)


Also, it’s not quite so yellow…

And these bridges look way cool at night too, especially with another mod installed that adds lanterns. Lanterns are cool. 🙂


It’s just not the same without the bridges.

So, while the Special Edition did update the graphic quality and the engine, and it did run smoother while I was walking around in the world. There are some mods I just really really like — not just the bridges, but it’s nice to have my character turn her head and look at a person when someone is talking to her instead of staring straight ahead like a mannequin… you know?  It’s the little things. Anyway, until I can use those mods in my game. I’ll probably stick with Skyrim and play like I’ve been playing. We’ll see.






5 thoughts on “I’m gonna talk about Skyrim again

  1. I’m following this with some interest. This IS a gaming machine, so I could do something. I’m just trying to figure out whether or not i’d really play it. I tend to like games where I build things. I’m not big on war and shooting, or playing hide and seek. The last game I tried (forget the name, but it was THE hot game at the time) was all about finding stuff inside a maze full of monsters and wizards with keys and locks and other stuff. I hated it. I didn’t merely not like it, I actively hated it and eventually just made it go away. I haven’t like anything a lot since Sim games disappeared, Caesar left for parts unknown, and Civilization went to all war all the time. I don’t even know if any of these still exist, so when someone seems really into a game, i hope maybe it might work for me 🙂


    • I’ve been actively playing Skyrim for about a year and a half now, so that’s a long time to play a game. I’m playing Fallout 4 right now to give my mind a break from Skyrim, but there’s WAY more violence in that game than there is in Skyrim… I’ll probably not stick with it as long, but I do want to see at least the main quest through.


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