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And, I passed…


That’s me!

So, I went in this morning for my colonoscopy/endoscopy, and here I am at home the same woman who went in this morning. A bit more tired, and slightly peckish, but yeah, the same woman who went in this morning.  The doctor said my insides are clear and free of anything that’s concerning. I even have the pictures to prove it.  I do have a “relaxed” sphincter in my throat which is what’s causing the GERD and there isn’t much one can do about that. He blames the weight. I say he can blame all the weight all he wants, I’ve had this problem for decades, even when I was thin.

So, he puts most of my problems square onto the Fibromyalgia. He and a few of the other doctors I’ve seen over the past few years are thinking that I’ve had it for a long time, but wasn’t diagnosed with it. I can dig it. It gives me something to think about anyway. All I know is that I hurt — a lot — and so far, they’ve been able to tell me what isn’t wrong with me. They’ve thrown meds my way — most of which haven’t helped by the way — and in the end, I guess it really doesn’t make much of a difference. I thought it would. I mean, I guess I thought if I could find out what was making me feel so bad, I could shake a stick at it and make it go away… or something.

You know?


2 thoughts on “And, I passed…

  1. I have been fat, thin, emaciated, and just round. When I am overweight, everything was because of the weight. When I was thin, I needed to gain wait. Then I got cancer and my heart started to fail and everyone shut up about my weight. Now, they give me whatever I want, within reason and the law. Works for me.


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