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And the results are in

Got a call from my doctor’s office yesterday and it seems that I have a very common stomach infection called Helicobacter pylori, or H. pylori. So the doctors are going to throw a whole bunch of medicines at me for two weeks and hope they work. It’s not the source of all that ails me, not by a long shot, but it might be what’s causing the IBS symptoms, the pains in my gut, and possibly… possibly! some of my breathing problems. One can hope. Right? The down side? Since I’m allergic to penicillin, one of the medications for this may not play nice with one of my medications for bipolar (the Seroquel), so we have to kind of watch what happens while I’m taking it because it could cause toxicity, and no one wants that. But honestly? There’s a tiny part of me that hopes I take this cocktail of meds for two weeks and come out on the other end a changed woman. That it is the cure for all that ails me. I know it’s probably not true, but hey, it’s good to have dreams. ^_^

dandelion break

Still relevant today

In other news, there isn’t much going on.  I haven’t been on social media since I signed out of Facebook in November. It’s strange, really because there are things that I want to share and I’m all, “I should post this on Facebook.” but I’m not on Facebook right now. I haven’t even peeked because I’m not a dip my toe in the water type of person, I’m a jump in and get it over with. So it’s all or nothing. And right now, it’s nothing. Probably for most of December because I know that feelings will be running hot until he actually is in the White House and feelings always run hot over the holidays.  I can’t even imagine what retail workers have to go through right now. I mean, one poor girl asked my hubs to please not yell at her over the Starbucks cup. Like he ever would. But she must have gotten yelled at for it. Which never ceases to amaze me, dear reader. Do people honestly believe that the baristas and cashiers have any say in the choice of cups that Starbucks gives them? Why yell at them? Write a letter to the corporation and leave the poor cashier alone. Jeez.


I don’t care what they look like, so long as they hold coffee

Other than that, I’m back to shooting people virtually. I’ve tried this new mod for Skyrim which is actually a game of its own called Enderal — it’s a little difficult to explain how it works, but it’s an interesting game. I must have done something wrong with my installation though because I’m used to playing a game and when I shoot a deer, it gives me meat or pelts, but four out of five times this game gives me nothing  — no meat, no pelts — nothing!  I need the pelts to make armor! And I’m used to when I explore dungeons and kill the undead, or the evil bandits who are terrorizing the town, I get rewarded with… stuff. But many of the containers in this world are empty! Empty! I didn’t strike down the undead for empty containers! That’s not how adventuring works! Where’s my stuff??? There is supposed to be treasure! or junk! or whatever! Not empty sacks and barrels lying around. So, yeah. I think I need to reinstall and start over. ^_^  Other than that, the game is pretty good. I like the story line (I’m watching someone else play through it since I haven’t gotten very far because I don’t care about “spoilers”) and the characters are interesting. The world they built is really beautiful and fun to explore. But I still want my stuff.


If you’ve played the games, you get the joke


4 thoughts on “And the results are in

  1. I would totally yell at someone over a Starbuck’s cup. I mean, it’s Starbuck. Yuck. Hehe. (unless it a holiday flat white… that’s at least acceptable).

    And onto the Skyrim… right? We adventures have a clause in our contract, “You keep what you kill.” If there ain’t anything to keep, what’s the point in killing it?

    Oh, wait, that’s from Riddick.. but still, the point applies. If I kill you, the least you can do is have some lootable loots! Sheesh.


    • Ah, leave the poor cashiers alone, they have to deal with enough. 😛

      And for Enderal (have you tried that yet? You should try when you have the time), I know, right? I got so mad I quit playing for a while. But I’m gonna reinstall and start over, because I’ve watched someone else’s play through on YouTube and they totally get stuff, so I’m guessing it’s my install that’s messed up.

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