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So according to an email notification I got today, I’m about three people short of 400 followers for this blog. Now, that doesn’t mean that every single person on that list reads this blog, but for those who do… Thanks, y’all for following me and reading my little personal tidbits and whatnots. I know that I used to post on here a lot more often than I do now and that I wrote way more insightful and thoughtful blog posts than I’ve been writing lately.  Honestly, I’m surprised I have more than friends and family following me at this point. ^_^  But you’re here, and that’s good to know.  I’ve been working with a slew of doctors to find out what’s going on with my brain right now, and we’re all trying to get to the bottom of it. At this point in time though, all I can tell you is that I’m tired. Like… tired. All of the time. I can’t concentrate and stringing words together into sentences is a monumental task sometimes. Thank goodness for spellchecker. Ha! Though spellchecker doesn’t help with awful writing, does it?  But awful writing is better than not writing at all. I mean, that would be truly terrible, I think.


True story

Honestly, I’m glad for the people who’ve stuck with me through this bad spell.  I’ve been whining a lot lately and I am so grateful for your patience.  I hope that me and the gang of doctors I now have poking, prodding, and taking pictures of my insides with all kinds of fascinating machinery can figure out what’s going on so I can get back to being a simile of the Willow I was when I started this blog, what? 2 years ago? I think? I want to return to being the Willow who talked of other things besides her health… you know? And I will. Because even I’m tired of hearing about my stupid body.  But it seems that my world revolves around it right now and I can’t help myself.

So thank you, y’all for being a receptive audience to my words. As I said on my intro page, it’s good to know that I’m not talking to an empty room. It helps. It really does.

Also, Holy Hell, is it freaking December already??? When did that happen? Wasn’t it Halloween a week ago? Time is moving so quickly right now it’s just… weird.


9 thoughts on “I can’t think of a title

  1. I’m still here. Still reading. Just not as much as I use too. College and all, but I try.

    And… if you just noticed it’s December and Halloween was a week ago… girl, you missed Thanksgiving???? You need some pumpkin pie. Stat! 😀

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  2. I understand. Hoping it gets better soon. Very. Followers. I have 11,000 of them. If all of them actually read my blog, I have more than 10,000 hits a day. I have no idea who all those people are, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t really reading me. I read you, though. So here is one faithful follower. You just figure out what’s going on and feel better. The internet will wait for you. I will wait, too.

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