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Something pretty

And nice (so long as I stay inside). 🙂

It snowed today. We got about eight inches on our driveway.  Just a reminder, this is what our driveway looked like a year ago today:


Lake Cocoa

Yep, it was about this time last year — to the day — that we got flooded. Today though, we got this instead:



Like I said, about eight inches so far. It’s been drifting down in light, barely perceptible flakes all day long but man, does that stuff pile up!


Sorry for the window flashes, but I don’t have the proper shoes to go tromping about in the snow to take pictures. So I had to take them through my window.  It’s looking downright Winter Wonderland-ish out there. ^_^

Just in case someone doesn’t know the song… here it is.

I’ll just stay in here with my coffee and kill dragons if that’s okay with y’all. I love to look at snow, but I don’t want to go play in it anymore.



9 thoughts on “Something pretty

  1. I love that picture of the driveway in the snow. The way those tree’s add contrast. Now all you need is a dragon to swoop down and roar once or twice before you clobber it in the head and take its bones. And… I totally play the two-handed heavy in Skyrim (or did, when I played).

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