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Checking in


Yep, just like that.

So today marks a week since I started the antibiotic therapy for the infection in my guts. For those that don’t remember it’s called Helicobacter pylori or H. pylori.  It’s not an awful infection but it’s something that should be taken care of before it causes worse things to happen (like ulcers and/or in rare cases cancer). Anyway, it’s been a week of taking six pills four times a day (that’s 24 pills a day I just realized) on top of the pills I take regularly. PLUS taking probiotics to counter the wonderful side effects of the antibiotics. Don’t worry, this was suggested by my doctor’s office. So, it’s take this nasty tasting medicine which has to be taken on an empty stomach (nothing for an hour before or two hours after) then yogurt two hours later, then maybe something solid to eat. Lather, rinse, repeat. And let me tell, y’all something. I can feel the war going on in there. Every single bit of it. Let’s just say my stomach has been moody and leave it at that.

I’ve been sleeping a lot. Ha!

Today has been the best day so far. I still have heartburn from hell and other… er… such issues… that come with high dosages of antibiotics (and yeah, the yogurt’s not helping with that). But I’m not cramping like I have been since this all started. So, yay for progress? Hopefully this is the turning point and I’ll start to feel like my old self again sooner rather than later.


cozy blanket

But I haven’t been spending all of my time sleeping.  I have this nice, comfy scrap blanket that I crocheted over the last month to keep me warm during the cold winter here. There’s no pattern, just anything that I had in the closet that was a skein or less (or a bunch of tiny balls), I crocheted them together. I tried to keep to colors that went well together, but it turned out to be a mixture of colors. That’s okay though, because it doesn’t matter to me what the colors are, so long as it’s warm. There’s also a mixture of wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers too, so it’s an interesting tactile experience to have on bare legs.  It’s a perfect size for me.  I have a shawl that I knitted too, but I haven’t gotten around to taking a picture of it because I’ve been wearing it and it’s way more difficult to take a picture of a shawl you’re wearing than a blanket. 🙂 So whenever I’m not sleeping I try to get something done, even if it’s crafting.  I have more stash to bust through, and I’ve been trying to think of things to do… I’m not one for piece work. Remember the blanket I was making a couple of years ago? Yeah, that’s still in pieces. I can whip things up if they don’t require being sewed together, and I’m all about making pieces, but when it comes time to piece the final product together? Nah. I’m not good at it.

So, that’s my past week, mostly sleeping, some crocheting, and trying to get my heal on. I hope that my feeling better today than yesterday means that this is the turning point and things are downhill from here. We can only hope, right?

Just for fun… It hasn’t snowed since last week, but we still have snow on the ground. I tried to take a picture but the inside light made it look like my outbuildings were on fire. hahaha!


Amateur picture taking right there.


11 thoughts on “Checking in

    • I have a lot of pictures like that from when I was a kid… I took many pictures from my bedroom window and didn’t know the affect the inside lights would have on the pictures. 🙂 But this time it was kinda cool. The blanket isn’t as warm as it looks by itself but it makes a right toasty second layer.

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  1. I actually really like the effect of the ‘fire’ on the buildings in your photo. I’m glad you’re staying positive in the face of your dilemma and are getting better – even if slowly. And your crocheting is have a talent there IMHO. 🙂 Blessed Yule!


    • Talent schmalent, it’s one of the simplest stitches out there. But thank you. ^_^

      The picture is interesting, isn’t it? I remember taking a lot like that when I was a kid. Have a good Yule too!


  2. Hang on in there. Presumably when you finish this, you are FINISHED with this. The only time I’ve heard of this microbe is in connection with ulcers. I didn’t even know it could be a separate infection. Live and learn. Good luck and feel better. When you are up to it, I want to pick your brain about a game or two 🙂

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