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Yay! I feel better! Now






Okay, so I was wrong.

Seriously though, I do feel better. It’s my body that thinks otherwise. My mind is all, “Let’s do things!” Like, you know, all of that cleaning that doesn’t get done whenever I’m sick (I’m looking at you, hubby). 😛  But my body is all, “STFU and settle down, you’ve still go some healing to do.”  I guess I should listen to my body and try not to let the ever growing cobwebs in the corners get to me. They’re not going anywhere I suppose.


6 thoughts on “heh

  1. No they are NOT. It’s been said “Housework. Just rearranging the dust.” And I kinda think that’s true! I am pleased you’re on the mend and feeling better! What a lovely early ‘gift’ for the holiday!

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