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It’s hard to keep calm


Just breathe… 🙂

When you’re in a metal tube. And I’m not even claustrophobic! But I did it, and I hope I never have to do it again anytime soon.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about. Today I had an MRI because of the mysterious pain I keep having where my gallbladder used to be. It hurts just like a gallbladder attack does, but no gallbladder. It’s been going on since they removed it. I had an ultrasound a while back, but that yielded no definitive results (and it hurt so much I was in tears by the end). So this time, the doctor ordered an MRI.

Want to know something about those things? They’re not one size fits all. Ha!  I’m a big woman, and I was kinda squished up in there with all kinds of pillows and “sponges” for my arms to make me more comfortable. They helped but it sure made that small space even smaller. ^_^ After a half an hour, my feet  and the tips of my fingers were starting to tingle. And the noise! Even with ear plugs and noise cancelling headphones (so the soothing voice could tell me to “breathe in, breath out, breathe in, now hold your breath…. Now breath normally”.), the noise was loud! and everywhere. But the good part was, it was warm. So there’s that.

The experience wasn’t awful. I’ve had worse. Childbirth and pneumonia to mention two.  And I’ll do it again if I have to, but phew, all of that is enough to make the heart go pitter-patter, isn’t it?

Just for fun, watch as these guys have fun with a decommissioned MRI machine.

They are having way too much fun with that machine there. But it’s interesting to know how things work, isn’t it?


We’ve all done this before. 

In other news, the antibiotics appear to be working, finally, and I feel better than I have in… years. Like. Years. I woke up this morning and was all. “I think I’ll do stuff.” and I actually did stuff. Like I got three whole things accomplished today. Four if you count going to the hospital for the MRI. That’s more stuff than I’ve done all month really. And a blog post too???  Now, I’m cooking with gas.

Of course, lying in a metal tube for a half an hour killed my back, so my vim and vigor is put on rest for the day. But yay for progress! ^_^  I have another doctor’s appointment tomorrow for a different ailment (chronic sinus infection). So we’ll see how I feel then. I’m not saying I’ll be out running marathons soon, but hopefully this means I’m on the mend to where I was maybe a year ago when I could actually, you know, walk to the end of my driveway without needing a rest? That would be great.

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