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Bits and Bobs



I guess y’all have noticed for a while now that, I’ve been posting sporadically.  I’ve mentioned why before, so I won’t go into the gritty details again, but I do plan on getting back to posting more often. I honestly I haven’t really had the energy to do more than comment here and there.  I’ve been mostly watching videos and knitting and/or crocheting (again). Working with yarn is a relaxing hobby and I am dedicated to busting through my stash because it’s been bothering me that I have so much yarn sitting around doing nothing. It’s not in my nature to have things in my house that have no purpose other than I might need them later, and some of this yarn has been here for years. It’s getting to me. In other words, I want this stuff gone.  So I’ll either use everything in the stash for something useful, or it’ll get tossed one way or another. I’m determined to bust through what I have in as little time as possible. I’ve made it my “job”. So that’s what I’ve spent most of my days doing this past month or so. Of course, I kill dragons at night. Let’s not get crazy here. 😉


Stash buster Blanket… it’s warm-ish

So far, I’ve made three shawls — two crocheted and one knitted — and a blanket — pictured here. Right now, I’m working on a fourth shawl, which is going to take some time because I’m going through the bin of crochet thread (the small stuff).  I’ve been lucky enough to find people to match the shawls thus far, but I’m beginning to think I may have more finished items than I know what to do with by the end of this project.  I mean, I have a lot of yarn to work through, and I whole bin of unfinished projects to either frog or finish. I call that box my “box of shame”.  Not everything will become a shawl or blanket, that’s just what I feel the inclination to make right now. But yeah, there will be a lot of finished products by the time I’m done and I dunno what I’ll do with them all. I haven’t planned that far ahead… But that’s okay too. I can always donate shawls and blankets. Or try and sell them, but I figure donating them or gifting them is a good way to go. But even if I have a bin of shawls lying around, at least I won’t have… unused stuff lying about. Because that is really and truly getting on my last nerve.

After the yarn is gone, I’ll have to turn my attention to the myriad lengths of fabric that’re also sitting in my craft room. Yeah yeah, I might need them for a project some day, or they might sit there until they fall apart. Who knows? I don’t want to wait and find out. I don’t even know how I ended up with so much fabric. Some were projects that didn’t work out, and some are remnants, but others are, “Where did this come from?” Like yards and yards of stuff I have no memory of buying. Good fabric too. Ah well, I’ll find a use for it. I probably bought it when I had the idea to make a crazy quilt (though why I’d buy yards of anything for a crazy quilt… I dunno…)


My one and only piece project…

Anyway, I found I’m not any better at piecing together small bits of fabric than I am at piecing together squares of crocheted/knitted yarn.  In other words, I pretty much suck at it. I’m a pretty good hand at making things like skirts, shirts, dresses, &c…, but anything small and complicated like a quilt that has to lie flat? Not gonna happen. Too many corners and I have too little patience to learn it properly.   I did make those bags in the pictures a long time back. I still have a couple of them. They’re not quilted, but pieced together from old t-shirts and sewn onto those flimsy Wally World bags that Wal*Mart used to sell for a dollar.  I must have made those five years ago, and all but one (I made four) have held up pretty well. In one of them, the blue bag inside fell apart.  I might make something like those again. I still have a ton of cut up t shirts form that project.  See? Stuff. Sitting around. grrrr.


Yeah, not quite this bad

It’s just not in my nature to keep things. It bothers me. When we cleaned out that room the other day, I put half of my crafting supplies in donation bins and a quarter of it in the trash/recycle (no one will want it, I guarantee).  And I still have a good five bins of yarn and three bins of fabric.  It’ll all fit into a closet, but it’s still making me twitch. Remember, dear reader, five years ago, everything I owned could fit into the back of my car. And I mean everything. I lived a nomadic life for most of my adult life. I’m not used to having superfluous things hanging about. I’m used to living in spaces where everything has a purpose, and I would purge my stuff at least twice a year. If I didn’t use it in six months, it got  given away, donated, or tossed. It’s just the way I’m wired. These past five years have seen a tremendous change in the way I live my life. Not only health-wise, but lifestyle wise too. I mean, I’ve gotten married, adopted pets, bought and sold a house, bought another house — with land! And generally made plans to settle down in one spot. It’s a lot to adjust to. Add all of the health issues on top of that, and… I dunno. Some things I guess I’ll never get used to. And I think one of those things is having stuff lying around waiting to be used. It will always bother me.  Always.

Will that stop me from buying more stuff? Ha! Not a chance. Because while I don’t like having stuff around, I still like making things and in order to make things one must buy the materials to make them. So yeah, it’s a vicious cycle.

Just for fun, here’s a picture of what happens when I set my shawl down for a second or two. It gets confiscated by the little dog.


It’s a bit nippy in our house. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs

  1. I got a sewing box and a new set of basic hand sewing supplies as my present to me. My last box was borrowed by She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named and never seen again. But I am once again armed against torn toys, open seams, missing buttons … I think half my clothing is unwearable because it needs a minor repair.

    BUT that’s as far as my handicrafts go these days. Pretty lame, I know. I’m always impressed with what you so casually call “your knitting. ” I have one of those shawls and it is one of my most prized possessions! That’s art!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t knock knowing how to mend things. A lot of people these days can’t even do that much (I know, because I’ve been asked to teach people how to fix the simplest seam rip). It’s quickly becoming a lost art that should be taught to every child — like cooking and how to do laundry.

      I always stand in awe of your photographs because you have an eye for good lighting and are a good editor. I take “nice” pictures, you take beautiful ones. Someone said to me (about learning how to do things) “The only things we’re born knowing how to do are cry, expel bodily fluids, and sleep. Everything else is taught and learned.” Which is true insofar as we can all learn the basics of things, but some things take talent to progress to making it an art. My shawls and blankets are pretty basic compared to others, but I like them. ^_^

      I’m glad you like your shawl.


  2. Ha! The little dog knows comfort. That shawl is beautiful, btw. I have always envied those who are hard wired like you, no clutter, no useless junk lying around. I’m exactly the opposite, although I’ve fought against the clutter my entire adult life. When I got married, I just gave over (hubby was a slob) and now I’m sort of like he was – not totally slobby, but it takes a long time for stuff to bother me enough to throw it out or give it away. Case in point: I bought a real sewing basket last year. Well that’s what I’ll use it for – eventually. It’s a brand name one – these folks make baskets and containers for a living and damned if I can remember their sits there, in the closet, while the old one (falling to bits, but it was my grandmother’s. I wasn’t especially close to this grandmother, but still it was FAMILY, right?) sits beside it still moldering. There is an box on which these two rest, and I finally got curious and opened it, and it’s full of sewing thread (which goes in the new basket…) see? In my defense I get distracted and a lot of days don’t feel that well, so I figure I’ll get to it. I’d LOVE some of your unable to tolerate the stuff spirit! Take care and glad to see you posting! 🙂

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    • Oh, the clutter piles up because of health issues and sometimes outright laziness, but eventually it will get to me and I’ll go into a frenzy of this must go! because of the way I’m wired. It amused my co-workers to no end because my desk was very much the same way. About once a month or so I’d just look at my desk and say, “There’s too much stuff on my desk!” and spend a half an hour or so organizing and cleaning it. Lather, rinse, repeat. ^_^


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