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Not my honey

So remember that setback the other day that had me down with a headache and upset stomach for three days? I think I may have found the culprit, and it’s mostly my fault because I wasn’t paying attention to food labels.  It was this little guy,


What the hell is honey sauce???

In my defense, I only saw the word “honey” and didn’t look any further because who feels the need to doctor honey? It’s like the purest form of sweetener out there. Popeye’s I guess… For those who don’t know. Popeye’s sells fried chicken here in the states, and they’re okay for fast food fare. I like their biscuits. I normally don’t put anything on biscuits because I like the taste of them plain, and they slather theirs in butter anyway, so no need. Which is why we had some of this stuff lying around the house in the first place. We always tell fast food places we don’t want sauce and they throw it in the bag anyway. So there you go.


To be clear… these are American biscuits. 🙂 

Anyway, right before I had that setback, I made some toast and put one packet of honey ‘sauce’ on each slice. I didn’t notice this was honey sauce until last night when I was making toast again and picked up the packet. Then I thought to look at the packet more closely at the label, if y’all will notice, this has High Fructose Corn Syrup in it.  HFCS gives me migraines. Big time.  And I generally avoid it like the plague because I don’t like migraines, and they don’t like me. Normally, such a small bit wouldn’t have affected me as much as this did. However since I started that antibiotic treatment about six weeks ago (ended four weeks ago), I’ve been on a rather restricted diet because man, did that do number on my innards, and I really can’t stomach much. Honey I can handle, but Honey Sauce, not so much. In their defense, Popeye’s does call this Honey Sauce. So they can’t be blamed for not being specific on their labeling –which is what this blog was totally going to be about until I took another look at the label this morning. I only saw “Honey” and totally missed the “sauce”. So sorry Popeye’s, my bad. I’m completely to blame for my headache because I didn’t read the label.

So there we go, mystery solved. I think. Also, I can’t type for nuthin’ today. So I hope y’all made it through all of the typos and grammar mistakes I must have missed. I’ll come back and clean this up when my mind isn’t so foggy. >_<

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3 thoughts on “Not my honey

  1. To keep from eating something unspeakable, I don’t eat anything that comes in little packets. Except for a rare hit on Mickey D because Marilyn is refusing to cook, we don’t eat stuff that has dubious origins. Even when I KNOW what I’m eating, it may hit me sideways and make me sick — even in its purest form.

    When we do eat things we know we shouldn’t, we expect to get sick. It’s the payback for being naughty. Sometimes, I just need to be a naughty girl and damn the consequences. This is life in the very slow lane!

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    • I’m coming to learn that the hard way. But honestly… honey? It never occurred to me that anyone would feel the need to add anything to honey. My mistake, and I’ve learned my lesson now. ^_^


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