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i refuse!


Rising was enough for me

I’ll rise, but I refuse to shine! I refuse! I don’t have the energy. You hear me world! Shining is not an option! Got it? It’s not happening!

In other news, I have to try and call a plumber (again) because we have a malodorous  reek eminating from our mudroom. And we cannot find the source.  It actually started in the room we cleared out the other week. The day after we cleared it out, we went in to rearrange the furniture and were driven back by the stench. I meant to go in the next day and try and find the source but that was the day I was struck down with the migraine/nausea and couldn’t to much more than sit and breathe.  Anyway I did go in and try and hunt it down but to no avail. So I’m thinking it’s either in the crawlspace or in the wall. About four days ago, the mudroom started to reek (they share a wall).  Which confirms my suspicion that it’s in the wall or in the crawlspace.  Finding a competent plumber out here is like finding hidden treasure.  They’re either all booked out, or they don’t work on mobile homes. So that’s been my task.  Until we can find someone to come out and find the problem, we are stuck with two stinky rooms. Hopefully, the odor will not spread. We have all kinds of odor eaters in those rooms (it now it smells like lemon sewage) and moister absorbents. The windows are cracked to let the air circulate, &c, &c, &c…

So yeah, I will rise, but until this foul stench leaves my house, I refuse to shine.

What an incredible smell you discovered

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2 thoughts on “i refuse!

    • Yep, remember we had a problem with it backing up about a month ago? We had the line cleared by both the plumber (not calling that loser again) and the septic company. The tank was pumped right before we moved in a little over a year ago, it’s not full — which we verified when we had the line cleared.


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