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I know I go on and on about my stupid body and how it’s slowly letting me down, but bear with me one more time (hahahaha… one more time. It is to laugh). Anyway. Let me tell y’all what’s been going on around here lately.


Probably a field mouse or a vole

I posted a couple of days ago about this god-awful smell in our house and how I thought it might be a plumbing leak in our walls. Well, we got a plumber out here yesterday, and after looking about for a bit, and these guys were very nice about everything. They checked everywhere, looked in the crawlspace, and looked behind things, but no, there’s no leaking water anywhere. Anyway, after thoroughly checking everything, dude informed me that my stinky house is not being caused by a plumbing problem. That was the good news, because I so did not want to pay thousands of dollars to fix another plumbing problem.  However, with good news often comes bad.  He went on… “No,” said he, “what you have here is a rodent that’s eaten some poison and crawled up into your wall and died.”

Wonderful. Just wonderful.  I asked what I could do about that. He said, “Well, you could start pulling down walls, which I don’t recommend. Or just wait it out.”



It’s pretty awful (to me at least).

It’s been about a week and a half and it reeks! Absolutely reeks. It’s horrible. The funk is amazing really. I don’t think I’ve smelled anything that awful since the time a pack of meat fell out of the grocery bag and sat for two days in the trunk of my car — in Virginia — in the summer. Oh god, was that awful. >_<  Anyway, the plumber said the crawlspace smells much worse and he actually expected to find a large pool of water down there because of the nature of the smell — it smells more like sewage than rotting meat — but there was nothing.  So anyway, the smell will eventually disappear. Dude said about ten days but it’s been longer than that already. In the meantime, I have all kinds of stuff in the two rooms to help alleviate the odor: activated charcoal, baking powder, and air fresheners. The windows in both rooms are cracked open too. It’s freezing in there! (We don’t have central heat). But damn, does it still smell.

breathing is good

Breathing, hell yeah!

So what does this have to do with my body and capable?  Well, my lungs are not capable — as in: having the ability, fitness, or quality necessary to do or achieve a specified thing — of handling the malodorous stench.  I can’t even go near these rooms without covering my mouth and nose with multiple layers of cloth, and even then that’s not enough to filter out the stink. If I get too close or don’t cover my mouth and nose, I’ll immediately have an asthma episode — wheezing, hacking, the whole shebang. My husband and tenant are both, “Yeah, it smells bad, but it doesn’t smell that bad.”  The plumbers must have thought I was nuts because I spoke to them while holding my shawl over my mouth, but they were super nice about it.  No one but me so far thinks that it reeks in there, but they all acknowledge that it does, indeed, smell bad.  While I’m all the way across the house thinking, “I don’t know how much longer I can stand this.” To me, it’s a health hazard. My lungs just aren’t capable of coping with the funk.

Hopefully it’ll be gone soon and I can get back to not breathing as usual. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “In-capable

  1. I always warn people about using poison for vermin. They eat it and they go off into your walls and die. We hired an exterminator once. He used poison and we learned our lesson the hard way, too. Yuk.

    Now, I use traps, but also ultrasonic devices in as many rooms as possible. if you live in the country, the mice will come into your house no matter what you do. A good cat is the best defense, but mousetraps work. The cute ones that just catch them so you can put them back outside so they can come back for another round of treats.

    We’ve got an annual mouse event, but since we started using the ultrasonic thingies, we’ve had almost none of them. BIG improvement.

    OH, and spread moth balls everywhere you can. They hate mothballs. And they mask the smell at least a bit.

    I get the ultrasonic devices cheap on Amazon. The traps too. if you want a link, let me know and I’ll send it to you.

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    • I’m gonna tell our pest control company that we’ve re-thought the poison thing for just this reason. They have a barn cat program here that we’re thinking of doing instead. I think it’s a great idea. My cat gifted me with a mouse the other day. Fun. About a month ago, so did one of our dogs. More fun. We just now bought a couple of those ultra sonic thingies, but I think we need a few more. Trouble is, our wiring is pretty bad, and we don’t want to plug too many things in.


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