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Going on a guilt trip

Don’t worry, it’s short.

So, the other day this kid came up to my gate. He must have been about fifteen or sixteen, and he said he was looking for work… “Anything really,” was his answer when I asked him what kind of work he was looking for. Because I wasn’t expecting someone to come looking for work so suddenly, my mind went blank and I said that because it’s the middle of winter, I didn’t really have anything for him because most of our side jobs are about the doing things with the grounds and the property. And I felt really bad about turning him away.


She gets bored sitting around all day.

Then, as he was walking down the road — about the time he was halfway down the street — I thought of half a dozen things I could have had him do for a few dollars.  Walk the dogs for one, at least the bigger one. She needs walking, and it’s something anyone can do really.  I mean, yeah, she has a fenced yard to run around and bark at people with, but she really needs to get out and walk, or run, with someone. He might could have done that for a few bucks.  This picture was taken before we got the fence, she’s skinnier now. 🙂

Or, I could have had him clean out and/or organize the small shed (it’s not very big) we use for gardening tools and whatnot. And maybe patch the hole in the roof.  It doesn’t need to look pretty, it just needs to not leak anymore. Or at least move the stuff that’s under the leak so it stops getting rained on. I mean sure, it’s all in plastic bins but still… All of that water leaking in there can’t be good, plastic bins or no… Or he could have… I dunno cleaned out the junk from the wooded area on our property. People toss stuff from their cars, or it gets blown off by the wind. Either way we get junk in our wooded areas. I thought of all of that as he was slowly disappearing down the road.


I feel bad is what I’m sayin’

I still feel a twinge of guilt because if someone’s going door to door looking for work, that means they need the work.  We’re not exactly off the beaten path, but we’re not exactly on it either. And he looked like an honest kid.  Not that I would have taken him into my house and adopted him or anything, but yeah, having someone do odd jobs for an extra dollar or two (or twenty) isn’t gonna hurt nuthin’, and it’s not like I can patch the roof in the shed all by my onesie. You know?

Anyway, that’s been bothering me since it happened. I keep saying I want to help out where and when I can, but when the opportunity presented itself, I froze like a deer in headlights. Sigh. Ah well, at least if it happens again, I’ll have a list of odd jobs I can have someone do.

And yes, before anyone points it out (you cynic you), I know he could have been casing the place. I wasn’t born yesterday. Which is why everything I thought to have him do would have been outside, in full view of the security camera. We don’t have anything valuable in the storage shed… unless he wants old books or a lawn mower with a bent blade.

Plus, I think if he’da been a would-be burglar or in cahoots with a would-be burglars, then the dogs probably would have made him turn around before he got to the gate. Dogs generally detour would-be burglars because they make noise. If the dogs didn’t, then the security cameras should have.  I mean, come on, he’da have to have been one really rotten thief to come up to a house in broad daylight with dogs barking and a security camera.  But yeah, I know it’s still a possibility… Give me credit for having some smarts. 😛

Doesn’t make me feel any less guilty about turning the kid away without at least getting his phone number in case I did think of something he could do. You know?


9 thoughts on “Going on a guilt trip

  1. I am glad you feel guilty and I don’t mean it ugly. I have a homeless guy that comes by frequently, a young kid who needs work and some money for whatever. It’s not my place to judge. I always give him a sandwich and a water and I find odd jobs for him.

    I know you will be prepared the next time.


  2. I could use him here too, but I suspect a ticket from your place on earth to mine would be out of the question. 😉 We routinely (in warmer weather) get young men coming around selling things. Unwanted mostly. Smoke detectors (that one WAS a criminal looking for places to burgle), satellite link-ups, pesticides, bug spray, miracle oil spot on concrete removal liquids and other crap. I have a prominent sign on my front security door that reads “NO SOLICITORS”. One enterprising young soul, when I pointed to it and asked him why he was bother me, said “Oh I don’t practice LAW”….um…alrighty then. Another asked what “solicitor” meant and I said it means YOU and he went away looking confused. I live in a community of older and really aged people and it’s a bit scary how these poor folks are targeted by this sort of sales person. I’ve suggested getting a sign at the front of the community that lists acceptable hours for such enterprise (nothing after 6 pm for instance) or refuses to allow such things outright because people are taken advantage of. Me? I have my sign, my attitude and a grouchy little dog who likes to bite salespeople….I’m safe I suppose.

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    • I used to have a sign on our old house, and it worked wonders, but I figured that we are so off the beaten path here that I wouldn’t need a sign. Boy, was I wrong. We’ve gotten more sales people here than we ever did in the suburbs! I guess I should make another sign. ^_^


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