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Catching up

I know I haven’t been keeping up with this whole blogging business lately. It seems like I have so much going on in my life, but in reality, there isn’t much going on at all. It’s just that I had that bad flare with the costochondritis and that really took up a lot of my headspace for a long time, because moving hurt. Breathing hurt. Pretty much everything hurt. So, I didn’t to much of anything.  But, luckily that’s died down and I can move again.


He looks adorable here…

Then my dog, Poptart got an ear infection and I had to take him to the vet, even with the severe chest pain. Because his ear wasn’t going to get better by itself. And he’s a feisty little bugger. We’re still working on that, but he has six years of bad habits to overcome (he’s a rescue and we just got him a few months ago), so I think he’ll be snapping and snarling at people trying to help him for a while now. He behaved much better the second visit than he did the first. We didn’t even have to muzzle him the second time. Let me tell y’all something. I’ve never muzzled a dog before. I didn’t even have a muzzle until after the first doctor visit with Poptart. But now I do, and they gave me sedatives to give him for whenever we bring him in too. I feel a little sad about that. The sedatives probably helped. He also didn’t have an inflamed ear the second visit, so there’s that. But trying to get medicine in his ear for two weeks wasn’t a picnic, that’s fersure. He wasn’t happy about it either.

In other pet news, I took my bigger dog, Brandy, in because she has a cut on her leg that she’s licked into a big bump, and I was kinda worried about that. The doctor suggested that she be put on anti depressants. Normally, I’m wary of that kind of thing for animals, but he’s like the third person who’s –independently — suggested that she be put on anti depressants, so I figured I would give them a shot. I never thought I would see the day when I had a pet on psych drugs, but here we are. They don’t cost much, but remembering to give them to her is difficult. I hardly remember to take my own meds… >_< Still, I do my best.


New laptop

In still other news, my main computer that I do pretty much everything on was dying a slow and painful death. Everything was getting slower, things were glitching out, and it was starting to put out some pretty serious heat whenever I played games. At least it kept the pets warm. Ha! Anyway, the hubs at first thought to upgrade that computer with a new CPU, motherboard, &c… but I suggested that for the price of all of that, we could just get me a laptop with the same specs. Which was true. So here I am with a brand spankin’ new laptop.  It just came in the mail yesterday — right on time for Valentine’s day. It’s not top of the line (we totally cannot afford that), but it’s not a potato either. I can play my games on it, and probably watch movies if I want to. The old computer, because it still runs, just not well, will go into the “office” that I’m putting together (some day!) and I’ll use it for… something. I dunno.

fatigueOn a completely different note, a couple of weeks ago, I did a sleep study. They monitored me for one night and one day…  had me nap every few hours throughout the day. The results were that I have “mild” sleep apnea — like 5 is normal, mine was 5.1 or something like that — but the doctor still suggested a CPAP machine even though its so mild. Why? because I fell asleep in less than two minutes every time they asked me to lay down and nap. Well, duh. I also have fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, and other fun flavors that make me fatigued all day long. I’ll sleep at the drop of a hat if given the chance. Plus, I had four kids, and at one point, I had three jobs. I’m used to taking naps whenever I can. I’m pretty sure all of that played a part in me napping so easily.  I told him that I really don’t think that a CPAP machine will do me much good because of the co-morbid issues. I also said that I didn’t think the night-time test was as accurate as it could be because I usually sleep elevated, which they “didn’t allow”. I mean, how are they going to measure my breathing patterns if they don’t measure how I generally sleep? Pah. He suggested I try a dental device instead. Though I don’t know how well that will work since I have trouble breathing through my nose (chronic sinus infection), which is another reason why I declined the CPAP machine.



Anyway, that’s all done. I’m not in any immediate danger of dying in my sleep from sleep apnea. So that’s good to know.  I think I’m done with doctors for a while though. I’ve pretty much gotten the same, “Something’s wrong, but we don’t know what.” from everyone. Other than the one who found the h.pylori which I was hoping against hope was the cause of a lot of stuff. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Just something to be taken care of, and now that it’s gone, I’m back to square one. Anyway, I’m glad that was found and taken care of, but I’m totally through with doctors for a while. I dislike being told that they can’t find anything.  And it’s discouraging to have doctors who know my history point their fingers at me and say, “You should lose some weight.”  Thanks, doc, I’ll get right on that.


Also, expectations… the first is what we expect, the second is what we get. Why I’m so over doctors.


True story


7 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. You’ve touched on my biggest peeve. When did it become acceptable to say “I don’t know” and just QUIT LOOKING. I’m glad more doctors are saying “I don’t know” instead of billing me into poverty with expensive tests that prove nothing, but what the hell? Give me something to hope on..even a small idea would be better than being made to feel that one is a hypochondriac and wasting doctor’s valuable time. And thank you for the definition of “fatigue.” I have been experiencing that for the past two days and there is nothing identified that caused it. I get my C-pap (with full face mask) on Thursday and I’m hoping I die first. I HATE the damn thing, but will admit that when I used it in the past I had a tad more energy. My apnea is ‘severe’ apparently. Whatever. And the next ‘professional’ that tells me to lose weight? Might get a smack upside the head. I wonder about them, those who say that. Do they think we’re HAPPY to be overweight? Do they think we deliberately put on unhealthy pounds just to give them something to do or say? I roll my eyes when I hear that now and say “Yeah. Next?” Best wishes that things improve and look up. The blogging ‘lag’ is something called ‘spring fever’ I think…I’m experiencing it too…

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