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I hear things


Okay, not those things

No, not voices in my head. But ringing in my ears, also known as tinnitus. It sucks rocks. I’ve had this for about four or five years now. And, of course, there isn’t anything doctors can do about it, because they don’t actually know fersure what causes it.  If you go to this site and press the sixth sound and the third sound — lower the volume on your computer a bit they’re loud — you’ll get something of an idea of what I hear all day, almost every day.

It’s annoying as hell.  You’d think after five years of hearing these noises, I’d get used to it, but no. I haven’t. Because they’re intrusive and they’re not consistent. Some days, like yesterday, I hardly hear the noise at all. Some days, like today, one ear is louder than the other, and it’s not the same sound as it was, say two days ago, and other days both ears are equally annoying, and the sound is higher pitched or louder than it was the day before or whatever.

I can hear just fine. I haven’t lost any of my hearing. I don’t have to turn the volume up on the television or computer. I can hear what people are saying to me without having to ask them to repeat themselves (except on the phone but that’s because phones are crap these days).  So my hearing isn’t suffering from this. Mostly… it’s just annoying.

via Daily Prompt: Sound

And, of course, one cannot talk of sound without sharing the Sound of Silence. I’ve come to like this rendition of that song.


15 thoughts on “I hear things

  1. This is the first I’ve heard of this.. I know of the ringing in the ears but I’ve never known anyone that had it constantly.. Thanks for Sharing..


  2. I’m going deaf. It’s familial (father was stone deaf by the time he died) and mine is exacerbated by exactly what Mr. Hoel there said “loud music”. I had lost 85% in my left ear at age 36 or so, and these days I’m sure it’s worse and the right side has lost some too. I’m at the strain to hear unless it’s REALLY LOUD stage and hearing aids? Expensive, annoying (to me..I’ve had one for the left ear for years…had to hear when I was working, right?) AND I have a truck yard behind me. RIGHT behind me. Trailers coming and going all hours of the $%#@ day and night, clanking, banging, but the most annoying thing (and people don’t ‘get’ this) is the sound of the %$#!@&* reefers. Reefers are refrigeration units attached to refrigerator trailers. It’s a low pitched, incessant humming noise and it drives me absolutely bat shit. I’ve been listening for 3.5 years or so now and ‘you’d think I’d get used to it” but NOOOO. So I have nothing but sympathy for you. I ‘get’ it. I really really do. And I sort of hope for the day when, like my dad, I can’t hear anything. It must be better than the alternative!

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    • I’m not sure what caused my tinnitus, I never listened to loud music… didn’t go to many concerts… didn’t work in loud environments… none of that stuff. It just happened. Our house is right up on the highway. You can see the cars passing by. Most of the time, it’s background noise, but sometimes there’s a truck that’s *noisy*. clunky clunky clunky… It makes the dogs go nuts. We still haven’t gotten used to that.

      I can understand how that reefer noise would be irritating. Everyone has something that gets under their skin.


    • My husband is also deaf. Also genetic. His good ear is about 30% and the other ear is effectively gone. The price of hearing aids (WHAT?) is insane and he hasn’t gotten used to it. The best part? I got him big hearing aids that work with the TV in the LR and BR. HUGE difference. He doesn’t use the phone. Not worth the trouble. Email, that’s the ticket!


  3. I too have tinnitus – though it’s not as intrusive as your case, by the sounds of it (sorry, no pun intended.

    A few years back, someone suggested that you can teach yourself to get used to it, so it doesn’t limit the quality of life – though I never explored that.

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  4. I keep hearing your song! Had tinnitus for about 50 years, if you can learn to live with tinitis you can learn to live with anything! I leave the TV running at night to mask the ringing sound in my ears. My tinitis started from working around jet engines. This world is going to see many more cases of tiinitis from loud music coming through headsets, blasting all of the young people. I want to wish you the best in coping with this.

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