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It’s funny, sometimes, the things that make one take a look at themselves. I follow a page on Facebook called “Do You Remember?” and they post things from the past (as you might have guessed) to illicit discussion about who remembers those things and who still might use them. It’s interesting… kind of.  So anyway, the other day, they posted a picture of this game:


I remember this game…

For those that don’t remember, or can’t guess, that’s Pin the Tail on the Donkey. And it used to be a staple at any children’s party when I was a kid. I played that game a lot. Why did this bring on a round of introspection? Because the first memory I have of playing this game was of me totally cheating. See that blindfold? I could completely see through it. Every time. Or under or over it.  I never once told anyone, and I never once felt guilty about it. I also didn’t play to win (I’m weird that way) so I never pinned the tail where it was supposed to go just near… But I also didn’t run wild all over the place for everyone’s amusement because as we used to say, “Homie don’t play that.”


Wallets are different stories

So, way back in my earliest memories, I’m a cheater, and I don’t feel guilty about it. Never have. Why? because the things I’ve often cheated at were low stakes, low risk and didn’t hurt anyone. My level of “cheating” has often been only to the point where it makes my life easier, not to con someone else out of whatever they have. I may be a cheater, and even sometimes a liar, but I do have some integrity.  If the cashier gives me too much change at the store, for example, I’ll give the extra back.  That mistake comes out of their paycheck, you know. But if I find $50 on the ground, I’m snatching that up because finders keepers. Unless I see it fall out of someone’s pocket, then I’ll tell them that they dropped their money. Because I totally know what it’s like to lose $50 that I really need, and it sucks rocks.  If I find a wallet or a purse lying about, I’ll totally return it with its contents intact if I can find the owner. Or I’ll turn it in to whatever lost and found there is in whatever place I’m in and hope that the person running that show is as honest about it as I am.  Finding money on the ground is different though, I mean… what am I? a forensics expert? How am I supposed to find the owner of a $50 bill? I’m not. It’s mine now. And I feel no shame in that. At all.


Paarthurnax is the dragon pictured

Anyway, it just kind of felt weird to look inside myself and realize all of this… I mean, I knew that I’ve always cheated, because, well I always have. I used to cheat at solitaire all of the time (back when I played solitaire).  Hell, I even “cheat” when playing Skyrim. I’m not the only one, there’s a whole section on the Nexus dedicated to “cheat and god items” for players like me who don’t want to go through the grind of leveling up their character again to an enjoyable (to me) level. Playing from level 1 is great fun the first 10 or so times, after that it’s just tedious and distracts from the other aspects of the game that I want to get to… so, yeah, I totally cheat. And I don’t feel guilty about it at all. And cheating at Skyrim is like cheating at Solitaire… it’s a single player game. It’s not hurting anyone but me, and I don’t care.

Just for fun, here’s a video that depicts the two protagonists of Skyrim and Fallout duking it out. It’s not gory (not really).


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