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My alarm “clock”

Looks like this:

pensive Mister

His name is Mister

He is not consistent in that he doesn’t wake me up the same time every morning, though he does have a time frame he works in… some mornings, he thinks that 5:30 AM is the perfect time for me to get up, and other mornings, he’ll wait until 7:30 AM.  These are approximations, he hardly ever comes in exactly at the half hour, but almost always between roughly 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM.  What’s strange, and I noticed this today, is that his “snooze button” is about an hour long.  Almost exactly an hour long. Whenever I shoo him away, he’ll go away, but he’ll be back in an hour, guaranteed. Today he woke me up at 6:15, 7:12, and again about 8:13… He won’t go away after 8:00 AM. There’s just no getting rid of him then. It’s feeding time.

My Mister

My poor, starving cat.

If I had a job to go to, I’d never be late for work. That’s fersure. When Mister wants to be fed, there’s no lying about in bed for me. Nope, he’ll purr in my face and bite my hands (love bites) and poke whatever part of me isn’t under the covers with his wet nose until I feed him, dammit!  Lately he’s taken to nibbling on my hair too. And he’s discovered that if he knocks stuff off of the nightstand, that gets attention.  I’ve had to put everything in a sturdy box to keep him from doing that.  But look at him, wasted away to practically nothing. Almost skin and bones over there. I mean, how can I sleep when it’s time for food? =^_^=    I love my cat… I love all of my animals. My little dogs keep me warm at night, they like to burrow under the covers, and my cat is my alarm clock. All of my pets… they keep me sane.

I just thought it was strange that Mister’s snooze button was an hour long, and thought I’d share.  It’s nothing deep or meaningful, but hey, not everything has to be.

Just for fun, a classic Simon’s Cat


3 thoughts on “My alarm “clock”

  1. Harley does that. But I have an alarm that goes off around 6 am… I don’t get up then, but it’s my “hey, you have an hour left” alarm. I usually get up and go to the bathroom. As soon as Harley hears the alarm, she comes in and does this weird creeper thing where she gets like an inch away from my face and stares at me. Then she jumps off the bed and paws at the door — that is the one noise in the entire world that will wake me up out of a dead sleep.

    Then I will call her name, and she’ll get back in bed and do the creeper watching thing until I pet her. Then she’ll make biscuits.

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    • My dog Cocoa will do the staring thing, but he whines when he does it. About an inch from my face. hahaha!

      I don’t think it’s creepy when pets do it. After all, they can’t talk. When people do it, yeah — kinda creepy –because they have other ways to get our attention. But pets? It’s part of their hunter toolbox, the staring thing, so it’s completely normal for them to do.

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  2. Our cats were worse about getting us up early than the dogs! The dogs will bark once or twice, but basically, they wait. Now the cats, they’d be IN the bedroom, on our chests, patting us very gently on our noses. Pat. Pat. Pat. “Excuse me. I don’t wish to disturb you but …” Pat. Pat. Pat.

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