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Word around here

'Last guy that worked here did nothing but complain.'

I’m sure it wasn’t that bad.

…is that we are once again between jobs. Yep, the hubs is now in the process of looking for work. *sigh*  He had a job at a good company that paid fairly well, but the job really wasn’t a good fit for him. They basically wanted him to take on a managerial role than he wasn’t comfortable with, plus customer service. Seriously, customer service. He thought he was hired to develop code and troubleshoot code. Not deal with angry customers. Yeah… that wasn’t happening. So it was either step up and do a spectacularly awful job and get fired, or quit while they still thought he was a good person all around. He resigned yesterday. I totally support his decision because I’ve been there before. I had to quit a job a long time ago too because when they hired me (to do admin work),  I specifically told them that I don’t do phone work and after about a year, they told me that I needed to start calling clients. I said, “No I don’t.” To which they replied it was that or hit the road. I packed my things and left. I don’t do phone work. I’ve tried it several times thinking that maybe this time it’ll be different. It never is. It was a big deal for the hubs though, this resigning thing. It took some soul searching, but he’s relieved too, it really wasn’t a good fit from the beginning, but he stayed because it paid the bills. Silly man.

KotProgramista3 So anyway, we’re back to where we were a year or so ago, hoping that we have enough socked away to get us through the times ahead and looking for ways to cut corners here and there until he can find another job. We’re hoping it doesn’t take too long. It really shouldn’t take more than a month or so, and he can totally do contract work until then. I mean once he found out where to actually look for work last time, it didn’t take him long to find this one. But I’m hoping that this next time he’ll find one that he will do well and actually enjoy.  Dude is looking at 50 years old, dear reader. He only has one marketable skill, and that’s coding. It’s what he does. Luckily, we’re in the right area for that skill. There are jobs out there for him if he looks in the right place. So yeah. Here we go again.


We will also be without (good) insurance…

I thought I’d let y’all know what’s been going on around here. It’s not a major tragedy, yet. Hopefully it won’t turn into one, but it’s a little stressful. We’re still a while out from any kind of retirement unless we win the lottery — but you’ve gotta play the lottery to win the lottery so that ain’t happening. Maybe a ton of money will fall down from the sky and bury our barn in cash. That would solve some problems. Might be difficult to explain to the neighbors though. Ha! Barring any miracles or natural disasters, we’ll be okay. We’ll keep on keeping on. It’s what we do best.


6 thoughts on “Word around here

  1. I have heard so many similar stories and I honestly wonder why people would hire people for a completely different position or task then what they apply for… weird. Hang in there, it’s all for a reason.

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  2. It’s rough doing that. I sometimes wonder why they hire us for one thing and promptly decide we should do something entirely different. Hand on in there. Things seem to work out somehow. I never understand how, but they do.

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