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I’m about to brag… :)

chrissy's shawl

Sister’s shawl

As I mentioned before, this blog hasn’t seen a lot of me lately because I’ve been too tired to concentrate and form complete, coherent sentences. It takes a lot out of me to put two thoughts together and make a blog post. It doesn’t seem like it would, but sometimes it does. So what have I been doing with my time? Well, I’ve been crocheting. And knitting, but mostly crocheting because it’s faster and eats up the yarn. My goal is to use up my stash — and I have a lot of yarn in my stash. Remember, I had that idea to have a store a while back? Yeah, I still have all of the yarn from that idea. So I’ve been busting through that. So I made the shawl for my sister back in August, which I showed y’all, but I’ll brag again… here it is. 😉  and I made a shawl for me, but for some reason, I never took a picture of it. If I have the energy, I’ll do it later.

scrap blanket

Scrap blanket

I also made a blanket for me. This was a real scrap buster.  I just threw any orphan skein of yarn I had into this blanket until it was long enough. It’s got all kinds of yarn in it. So it’s smooth, rough, smooth, &c.. It has wool, cotton, acrylic… some yarns are doubled to make the thickness right, and some are bulky.  I even mixed wool and cotton in places to give it an interesting feel. It looks very warm, but it’s not as warm as it looks.  It does make a nice extra layer though. In and of itself? It’ll do okay as a light cover in the fall and spring but not as a stand alone in the winter.  I actually like how the colors came out.  I wish I had a better picture for y’all, but it’s hard to take a good picture of a blanket unless it’s on a bed or couch and honestly, I’ve been using this blanket since I made it. There’s no heat in our house. 🙂

So I’m on a shawl kick. I dunno why… but I must make them.  I usually don’t have a person in mind when I start out making the shawl, but as I get towards the middle of it, I think, “You know who would like this? So and so…” and that’s who it goes to.  So I’ve actually made two shawls (three if you count mine) since I made my sister’s and I’m gonna show them off here. Because I can.

Vanna's shawl

Not a great picture…

This first on was an attempt to clean out some sock weight yarn I have because I’m never making socks, like ever. Okay, maybe some day. But not any times soon! But I had this thin yarn that I crocheted two strands together to make the colorful stripe which I contrasted with the black stripe, and I think it came out okay. So yeah, the colorful yarn doesn’t picture well, and you can’t really see the pattern at all. >_< If I had a nice backdrop, I could have laid it out and gotten a good shot of the stitching and everything, but I’m not a photographer so the best I could do is  try and get a shot with the whole shawl in it. It’s not easy to do, especially if there isn’t anyone around to hold it up. Really, I just wanted a picture before I gave it to my friend. But trust me when I say it looks good when it’s worn, and it’s the same pattern as this shawl, so you can kinda see where I was going with it. I guess. 🙂 My friend liked it, and that’s what matters.

mags shawl

Latest creation.

This one took forever to do because it’s made with crochet thread… I have a ton of crochet thread to go through… and I’m not even sure why. I vaguely remember buying some for when I was crocheting roses for my wedding, but I don’t remember buying this much! What I did here was again used two yarns crocheted together but this time I striped the colored yarns and used a white thread throughout to keep it consistent so that there’s no real contrast. Anyway, as I was doing this, I kept thinking to myself, “This just screams Southern Belle!.” and I have a friend who is from The South, and she loves her sun dresses and she’s a right Southern Belle (I tease). So as soon as I finished it, I shipped it off to her. I totally forgot to take a picture, but she was nice enough to send one to me. Thanks!

So there you go, dear reader. I haven’t been sitting on my hands this whole time. I’ve been kinda busy with the crocheting (and occasional knitting). It’s not the most productive thing in the world, but it keeps me from going stir crazy.



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