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What’s going on here, then?

So while waiting for Skyrim Special Edition to get Skyrim Script Extender so I can play with the mods I like on a more stable game, I’ve been playing Fallout 4. And when I say “playing” I mean, messing around with the settlement function and building stuff. Stuff like this:


It’s a barracks. 🙂

And that’s just the outside.  The inside is fully decorated with twelve beds in two big rooms, there’s a communal bathroom with showers, a communal kitchen and dining area, a workout room and an outside dining area.  I’m thinking of making a video to show it off because I’m kinda proud of how it turned out. It took me about four days to build this — which included tearing out the entire bottom floor and rebuilding it.  I haven’t even started the first quest in this play through of the game yet. I’m just building things.  Of course, in order to do this, I have cheat so that I have the materials to make things with, but hey, I’m not playing to win, I just like building things, so I don’t care.

So anyway, while building things I noticed that all of the suitcases in the Fallout world look like this:


Fallout 4 Suitcase, from the wiki page

Everyone, no matter who they are/were or where they came from that has a suitcase,  has this suitcase. Young or old, male or female, they all have that tattered brown suitcase. So, it bothered me. People have modded everything in Fallout 4 except the suitcase, and I thought that I’d give it a try. Well, I had to learn a few things first. Either Gimp or Photoshop, and I chose Photoshop because I took one look at Gimp and said, “Yeah, no.” So I now have Photoshop. I did a few tutorials on making texture mods, and I looked up and followed some tutorials about working in Photoshop. I thought I was doing everything right and this was the first result of my retexture:


Voila! Not brown! Not brown anywhere! >_<

So, you can see that it’s not brown anymore, and my textures appear in the game. Unfortunately, everything on the suitcase is now flowers which isn’t what I wanted at all. I was trying to just get the cloth bits to be flowers. Darn it! I thought I had taken out the leather bits and the metal bits when I put in the flowers, but I guess I did it wrong. Oh well, back to the drawing board, as they say. Eventually, I want to make a mod that adds all different kinds of suitcases to the game — tweed, stripes, flowered, even metal if I can pull that off — so it won’t be just one, but that’s a whole nother animal of a mod right there. I thought I’d start with a texture replacer like the one I made up there which simply replaces all of the brown ones with flowered ones. I mean, hey it’s a start. And it’s been a learning experience. Ha!

So that’s what’s been going on around here the past few days.  There’s also been a family emergency, but that’s the hubby’s story to tell, not mine. I will say that fate has been fickle with us this past month and we’ve been under more than our usual dose of stress lately and building virtual things calms my mind. I’d rather be killing dragons, but what can I say? Now that I know there’s a better way to do it (SSE), and the dangling carrot of an even better way is in front of me (SKSE for SSE), it’s not as cathartic as it used to be. But I’ll be there again some day… soon…


Very Soon…


What say you?

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