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A better body would be nice

This article came across my Facebook wall today. If you don’t link through it’s about Elon Musk who has a plan to link our brains to computers… one step closer to the Matrix becoming a reality. 🙂

The reason why it made me think of the prompt from a couple of days ago is that Elon Musk said (and I quote), this process “…would allow humans to achieve symbiosis with machines.”

I remember saying not too long ago that if uploading my brain and personality to a computer became possible, I’d totally do that. Looks like it might. Maybe I’ll be faced with that decision before I die. Who knows?

Maybe I can get a better body… hahaha! One that doesn’t fall apart so easily. You know? The picture here is concept art for the female synths” (android or synthetic people) from Fallout 4. It’s from the wiki page. They don’t look like that in game. They look exactly like everyone else. Of course, a mechanical body would have its own pitfalls, but the one I have no isn’t getting any better. You know?

Anyway.  I saw the article and thought, Man, that’s weird, I was just thinking about if I would do something like that. But I’m also kinda scared of that technology too. For vague, ambiguous reasons.

Food for thought.

Oh, and BTW, the comments are working for me again. I figured they’d work themselves out. 🙂 Just so’s y’all know.


2 thoughts on “An interesting read

  1. Glad the comments are working. I wish we could replace parts—I know we can do knees and shoulders and kidneys, but it would be great to get a real overhaul. It’s really a shame that when we’re young and our bodies work well, we take it for granted. I don’t know if I want to upload my mind and personality into a computer. I think when I’m ready to go, I’m gonna go. (I have a close friend with a brain tumor, so excuse me for being a tiny bit gloomy.)


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