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Time moves…

…ever onward.

img_206065809d7f881ae1Today’s daily prompt is pause, and yesterday’s was later. Both about time.  I like to say that later is like tomorrow, it is that magical time when everything gets done. As in, “I’ll do it later” or “I’ll do it tomorrow” and it’s always later or it’s always tomorrow because we — each and every one of us — only live in this moment. We’re not guaranteed later nor tomorrow, we’re only promised this moment. And I am very much a “live in the now” type of person, as I’ve mentioned many times before.

Does that mean I never put off anything until later? No, of course not. I do it all of the time. Tomorrow and later exist in my world as much as they exist in everyone else’s. I pause unpleasant activities for more pleasant activities too, because contrary to popular belief, I am human, and being human I don’t like doing things that make me unhappy.  Putting things on hold (pausing them) is just a part of human nature. 😛 So I tend to put off things that make me go “ewww.” But they don’t always have to be unpleasant activities, sometimes it’s just the mundane stuff that gets put off until “later” too.


Image from Amazon website

Like take this blanket I’m sitting under… Okay, this is what came to mind when I read the prompts — my mind is weird, okay?  It’s a warm, fuzzy blanket that we bought months ago. I like it. It’s soft, and it’s made from two pieces of cloth sewn together. The problem? The company that made it didn’t top-stitch over the edges so the damned thing slides all over the place. It slips right off of my lap all of the damned time. It’s freaking annoying. It’s an easy fix though… just run a top-stitch around the edge and that will hold the fabric in place. Problem solved.  If I was feeling froggy, I could pull out the sewing machine, oil it up, get the proper needle, and have it properly sewed in about, I dunno… 10 minutes? But that’s way too much hassle, so I’ve been putting off doing it for (as I said) months, and putting up with the blanket sliding every which way because, you know — later is always a good time to solve problems. ^_^


My go-to stitch of choice

Then I couldn’t take it anymore. So yesterday I just pulled out a needle and thread and top-stitched the damned thing.  It only took me a little over two hours.  Get that? I’d rather spend two hours hand stitching a seam than deal with the hassle of pulling out and setting up my sewing machine.  I think part of that is knowing that once it’s set up, there’s a slew of other stuff that needs to be mended and other projects I’ve been putting off until “later” that I won’t be able to ignore as easily once the sewing machine is out of the box, set up, and in working condition. You know? So it was easier to pause my life for two hours (I watched videos on YouTube) to sew this blanket than it was to set up the sewing machine. So there you go, there’s much to be done in the land of “later/tomorrow” even though I know that I’m only guaranteed this moment that is now. But that’s okay, if I eventually reach later, I’ll get to those projects. The blanket got done, right?


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