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Something strange is happening

With my Facebook…

Very strange.

who rules over you

For no particular reason *whistles innocently*

Since this morning, I haven’t been able to access my Facebook on my computer. It will load the page but then stop. I can’t click on the page or anything. It just stops. I can (as you can see) access other websites just fine so I know it’s not my internet connection. I can access my Facebook through my phone, so it’s not my account. Just this computer.

It’s just weird. And I want to make note of it. Because when odd things happen, I like to let other people notice them to so they don’t think I’m crazy-er than I already am. Ha!

Edited to add: So I did some research and it seems that this is a very specific bug between Chrome and Facebook.  If I’m reading everything correctly, an ad is trying to load in my newsfeed and Chrome won’t let it. I’m betting it has something do with Java (I hate Java)…

So anyway, I went into a browser window that wasn’t Chrome (an Internet Explorer extension of Chrome) and I was able to load Facebook and do everything I could do before.  I then clicked a link which took me out of the IE extension and since then, everything has worked fine. It must have let the ad do what it needed to do.


6 thoughts on “Something strange is happening

  1. Which browser do you use? Because if it’s Google Chrome…well it’s THEIR fault (IMHO)…my FB has been doing something similar for a couple of months now. It’d load my page/wall/whatever the hell that thing is, and I can ‘poke’ people and read messages, but to get the first page that pops up when you open FB, I have to go to my own and then go back to that first page. It’s a pain in the butt!

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    • Yep, it’s Chrome, and it’s definitely a Chrome/Facebook bug. I’ve researched it exhaustively. I’ve done every little thing that I could find in the forums, but I still can’t get my Facebook feed to load. I can go onto my wall, and onto any other page, but not my feed. If I’m reading the forums right, it has to do with an ad trying to load and Chrome not letting it.


  2. Have you done the classic reboot, including unplugging it? I know that you and Doug know much more about computers than I do, but sometimes it realigns the atoms and fixes the problem.


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