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Measuring up

practically perfect in every wayIf I measure myself by my own standards… I’m doing okay. About fair to middling. Nothing spectacular to see here. Nowhere near perfect by any means, but not even touching on disaster zone. Just flying through life in the middle of the road. And I kinda like it that way.

But if I use my husband’s standards, then I’m

Willow the Wonder Wife…

Practically Perfect in Every way.

It’s all about perspective, you see.

I think he’s kinda cool too. ^_^

(Yeah yeah, I know, it’s not much of a post… but hey, it’s sumthin’)


9 thoughts on “Measuring up

  1. Actually it’s the perfect post. Short, to the point and uplifting. A winner ! Sounds like you married one too (and he got lucky as well!) You seem to be “Willow the Wonder Wife” indeed and you both sound like you’re in love. That’s the most beautiful thing of all! ❀

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  2. Your post certainly measured up to my standards 😊life is doubly awesome when you find your soul mate ( I’m lucky enough to have found mine too) 😊🐻

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